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Authenticity, Awareness & Yoga

How Yoga will Develop Your Authenticity and Awareness When I think of the energy yoga creates in your life and put that energy into words, the two that resonate the most with me are Authenticity and Awareness. My name is Premaloka and I would love to share with you how embracing yoga as a lifestyle

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Yoga Programs on Waiheke Island

Kriya Yoga

Introducing Kriya Yoga Kriya Yoga is an internal action, and a Kriya is a series of Asananas, Pranayama, Nada Yoga (usually mantra repetition is used) Mudra, Bhanda and Meditation. This series of actions is combined to create a specific outcome on an energetic level. Kriya Yoga is primarily about awakening the Kundalini. Simpler Kriyas are also taught,

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Yoga for children in Auckland New ZeaLand

Yoga-A path to Happy,Healthy Mindful Children

“Namaste is what we say to the good in you and the good in me, sing namaste, everyday, and the world will live in harmony” We are sitting with our hands in prayer, our spines are tall and straight and our hearts are open. We are singing together to open our Waiheke Yogi kids class.

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Yoga to Awaken the Heart

Yoga to Awaken The Heart

This is the first article I wrote on the effects of the Bhavas Since edited by myself and published on the Yoga Lunch Box Yoga to Awaken the Heart –Activating the Chakras to enable one to delve deeper into the body’s emotional response, (the Bhavas) to Asana. In this article I would like to invite

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