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These beautiful, organic cotton, hand-loomed yoga mats are now available in Auckland, New Zealand and Oceania. The mats are eco-friendly, hand-dyed and a sacred addition to your yoga practice. In an effort to return to the roots of this ancient science and practice we are offering you the opportunity to practice on cotton mats once again, woven in beautiful patterns and interwoven with jute for upper surface grip and plant rubber on the bottom for grip on the surface of your practice space. These beautiful mats offer a completely different tactile experience than other mats offered to practitioners. A whole new experience of connecting to the mat and your yoga sadhana, engaging different muscle groups and strengthening the body in a safe way as you ground and connect to the earth. Ethically hand made in southern India by local artisans these organic yoga mats truly are a work of art. Prema Heart Yoga in partnership with Yaazh are working toward uplifting the lives of the local weavers, ensuring better pay, healthcare and education for their families.  Honor Yoga and your practice with one of these ethical, organic mats today.

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