About Premaloka

Yoga, Meditation and Manifestation Guide, Retreat Leader, Healer

Namaste, my name is Premaloka.

I am the head teacher at Prema, at the heart of yoga. 

Yoga has been a big part of my life since childhood, having been introduced to it by my parents and aunt at a very young age.

I live a life in yoga, and now my 6 children are also experiencing the many benefits of this path.

I have created this beautiful heart based, intuitive yoga fusion, from love. As a human being and Yogi, I would love to help you discover your truth, to help you manifest and live the best life you could possibly live.

Yoga is a lifestyle and science, it creates union and harmony in the being, promotes optimal physical and mental health and helps the practitioner to live a life that resonates with love and awareness. Awareness of the impact on the world around them, awareness that life is love. This discovery leads to sustained happiness.

I am also a believer in creating rituals out of your everyday practices. By turning everyday practices into mindful rituals you will discover many moments of joy. The sum total of many joyful moments is sustained happiness.

I invite you with a full and open heart to come and experience the yoga that I offer.

With love and light.

E-RYT 500hr Yoga alliance and YACEP provider


  • "After much deliberation I am so grateful I made the decision to attend Prems retreat to India. I don’t say this lightly, I believe it was life changing for me. Prem is so India savvy that I felt held and confident to relax and let the yoga do its work and envelop all that is the awakened heart yoga that Prem delivers with such grace and authenticity. Along with experiencing such a vibrant country of contrasts in her safe hands. If it’s not already obvious I’d highly recommend retreating on an awakened heart retreat with the truly beautiful Premaloka. I’m forever grateful and know I will be back for more."

    Sarah Flashman

  • "If your looking for a truely original experience in The mother land of India Premaloka is the perfect guide, from helping organise well priced flights to visiting sacred temples, she has a way of knowing exactly what your needs are, natural leader. A great trip to enhance and strengthen your yoga practice in a traditional way, with like mined souls. Thanx Premaloka the benefits are still unfolding."

    Cherie Spence

  • "I’d totally recommend Prem’s retreats! I’ve been couple of times to Raglan retreats with her and went to India in August. There were an amazing experience! She’s a great yoga teacher and knows a lot about India. I always felt safe there and with her knowledge of the country we were able to see and experience a lot the magic that there’s in India 💖"

    Paula Andrea Richa

  • "Yoga and travelling are two of my passions and when I discovered Premalokas Awakened Heart Yoga Retreat I made the commitment to go. Having always wanted to go to India I felt secure in the knowledge that Premaloka was India savvy and that everything that needed to be organised was. The yoga was everything I had hoped for and more, Prem is an amazingly astute teacher. So many highlights, food, location and of course Auroville. In recommending this retreat you won't be disappointed, the effects of the retreat continue to support and nourish me back in my life in NZ...I am hoping to go again 🕉💕🧘‍♀️"

    Chris Finn

  • "Thank you Premaloka yoga for the most amazing journey into the heart, mind and soul of what yoga can do for us. The retreats in Raglan are extremely well organised, intense and meaningful followed by exquisite food. I left wanting more and feeling a profound sense of wellness and grounding. This then took me to India for 10 days of exquisite yoga practices, mind health and insight into Indian culture. The retreat was well balanced, revitalising and challenging completely recommend! You have an exceptional gift for what you do and I feel privileged to have been part of the aroha you pass on!"

    Kirsten Simmons

  • "Yoga with Premaloka, for me, is a deeply moving spiritual practice that has and continues to add so much value to my life. I attended the 5 day Reset, Revitalise, Manifest retreat in January. It was a phenomenal, shifting, strengthening, calming and extremely positive experience, one that is quite hard to describe. I am so happy to of discovered this type of yoga. It has only been in this particular yoga class that I've fully started to understand the extreme potential of yoga in the creation of a better world. Thanks Premaloka, for you and all that you do!"

    Anna Dawson

  • "Inspiring yoga and mediation’s, never experienced another teach like her. She’s incredible."

    Bex Sullivan

  • "I was lucky enough to attend Prem's yoga retreat in Raglan NZ. My heart was opened, my body loosened and glorious vibes were created with harmonious chanting. Prem holds a magical space and truly puts her heart into her retreats."

    Sarah Flashman

  • "Having just returned from Premaloka's Yoga Retreat in India I am finding it rather hard to put into words how it was for me. The yoga was amazing and wonderful but not without its challenges - 3 times a day and the weather was hot - but challenges are good! The retreat was set high on a cliff top overlooking the Arabian Sea. Very wild and beautiful. The food was delicious and the people running the retreat were just lovely. We saw and did so much, the tuk tuk rides, visiting the orphanage, trip down the backwaters, massages, Auroville - every day was an adventure that was new and full of life and colour and noise that makes India the very special place it is. I signed up for this retreat without too much thinking about it and I am so glad I did. If I had thought about such things as maybe I won't be able to take the heat, maybe the yoga will be too much, maybe I won't be able to handle the poverty etc. etc. I would never have gone. And what a great shame that would have been because I can guarantee you will come back home and within a very short while you will be scheming as to how you can go again! It's that good - believe me! Thank you Prem for making it possible. With love, Morny."

    Loretta Hill Nizetich

  • "I went on Prems 2019 Awakened Heart retreat to India. Thanks Prem for organising such a beautiful retreat, if you love yoga there's no place like doing it in magical, vibrant Mother India. The retreat was a chance to step out of the busy lives we lead and reconnect with old friends and make new ones, to ground and connect with the daily yoga, mediation and yoga nidra sessions. I loved the pace and balance of each day, we spent 5 hours on the mat but it was spread out which also allowed time for relaxation, wandering, reflection and shopping. I also loved the trips to the local temples and the orphanage (where the retreat donates money to). Prems yoga is always transformational, authentic and ego less and even more so in India where she is clearly at home. I will definitively return!"

    Michelle Hepburn