Yoga Classes on Waiheke

Prema Heart Yoga classes are mainly taught on Waiheke Island, Auckland New Zealand.

The Waiheke yoga classes are taught from our beautiful yoga studio, Ritual in Ostend, Waiheke Island.
Ritual also has a Delicious Vegetarian/Vegan café which incorporates basic Ayurvedic principals, and a Space selling Premas own Yoga mats and yoga range and Rituals own range of ethically made organic body care items, candles and more.

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Choose from 3 weekly Prema Yoga classes.

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  • You are in Safe hands

    Premaloka is a highly trained, experienced and qualified Yoga Instructor as well as the lead trainer at Prema Heart Yoga School on Waiheke island and India, training other teachers – We know Yoga.

  • Our Yoga is traditional and authentic

    We have been studying and applying yoga as a science of well being for decades and offerring yoga classes on waiheke island for more than a decade.

  • We cater to all stages and ages in life

    Do not be hesitant to join us, we cater from beginners to advanced and love to share what we know with everyone.

  • You don’t have to have the latest gear

    You do not need lycra to practise yoga, loose comfortable clothing is all you need.

  • Although we are experts in yoga

    We don’t expect you to be, we love that you want to dabble in this ancient practise.

  • We are not here to heal you

    We are here to help you discover you are perfect.

  • We love yoga

    And we love to share and watch its magic increase your well being, happiness and enrich your life.


How much should a yoga class cost?

Yoga classes will generally cost between $15-22 . You will pay a slightly higher price for a senior practitioners, those that have invested their lives in the study of yoga.

What is needed for a yoga class?

Loose clothing, a water bottle – feel free to bring your own mat and blanket or borrow one of the studios.

What is the best yoga class for beginners?

Depending on your level of fitness, we recommend starting with a traditional Hatha yoga class which will cater to all your needs. – If you have a specific need or a carrying an injury talk to your teacher or studio first.

How many hours a week should I do yoga?

If your going to classes 3 a week is a great number. 1 is a good start though and home practise in between is ideal.

What should you not wear to yoga?

Tight clothes that do not allow flexibility or the body to breathe.

How often should I do yoga?

Everyday if you can if not a few times a week. You do not have to practise yoga for hours everyday. You can have a beneficial practise in 15 minutes on busy days.

What should I eat after yoga?

Although you should practise yoga on an empty stomach (not always possible but at least an hour after food if possible) After yoga have a light healthy and nutritious meal if it is vegetarian or vegan, perfect.