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Discover Prema, a heart-centered yoga community that connects and transforms through accessible, traditional practices. Rooted in love, the essence of yoga, our mission is to guide you on a journey beyond body and mind to reveal your inner truth. Embrace the unity of heart and consciousness as you uncover the love within, realizing your true potential with every practice.

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Welcome to Prema, the heart of yoga, where our mission is to share authentic, heart-centered yoga with the world. As a dedicated yogi and mother of 6, I offer transformative classes, workshops, and retreats in picturesque Waiheke Island, Auckland, and Kerala, India.

Immerse yourself in our unique 200-hour teacher training program or elevate your practice with our sustainable, organic cotton yoga mats, hand-loomed in Southern India.

Experience the blessings of yoga in every aspect of your life—join our vibrant community today.

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Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats

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Experience our transformative retreats, intuitively crafted to unveil your limitless love and potential. Designed to ground and uplift simultaneously, these heart-centered escapes will guide you toward eternal bliss, leaving a lasting impact on your journey for years to come.

"...I don’t say this lightly, I believe it was life changing for me."

Sarah Flashman (India Retreat)

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Yoga Teachers Training

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Your Yoga teaching journey begins here.. Realising your true potential and purpose awaits you with Prema Heart Yoga Teacher training – leap in.

"Inspiring yoga and mediations, never experienced another teacher like her. She’s incredible."

Bex Sullivan

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Yoga Products

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Our products are ethically made and good for the environment, enhancing happiness and health.

We work with local Artisans in Southern India to bring you the most beautiful hand-loomed, Ayurvedic, herbal-dyed, organic cotton yoga mats.

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