Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy Sessions

Yoga Therapy, goes deeper yet again, using postures, Pranyama, Shatkarmas, Dhyana (meditation) and other techniques, an individual practice is designed for you to address something specific that is troubling you on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.

These sessions can last up to two hours and may require follow up sessions for modifications etc. –  usually 2 sessions over two months.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest of all meditations which results in an incredible quietness, calmness and clarity of mind and body.
Yoga Nidra:
  • is one of the deepest of all meditations.
  • leaves the waking state, passes the dreaming state, and enters the deep sleep state – yet you remain awake.
  • gains access to the subconscious level of the mind, underneath the layers of processing, fantasising and imagining levels.
  • is the doorway to the causal level of reality from which comes the subtle, psychic and astral planes of reality.
  • purifies the Samskaras – the deep impressions that are the driving force behind Karma.
  • has the ability to reorganise, restructure and recondition a person’s psychological personality.
  • is a technique that works from the mind and takes us systematically through the whole human being, working on the different areas until we are in a deep state of relaxation or receptivity.


Yoga Programs on Waiheke Island


Some students:

  • have injuries and need a customised Yoga session / sequence to create muscular balance in the body and avoid further injury.
  • are on fire for Yoga and want targeted instruction that applies to their personal goals and growing level of practice.
  • wish to work at a deeper level, using Mudra and Bhanda and other techniques that may not be available in a general class.

Benefits Of Private Yoga Sessions

  • Your Yoga, your time: Reserve regular sessions at times that work around your busy lifestyle.
  • Personalised attention:  will address specific mind-body issues such as low back pain, anxiety, or insomnia.
  • Cross-training: Learn Yoga postures to help you improve your experience of the activities you love so much, like tennis, golf, or running.
  • Next level: Work towards challenging Yoga postures such as headstand or crow pose.
  • Custom home sequencing: Bring home a specific Yoga sequence designed and personalised for your needs and desires.
  • Less socially overwhelming: Enjoy the comfort of practising Yoga at your own pace and have ample time to ask all the questions you need as you go along.


If You Are Tired Of

  • guessing if you are properly aligned in your Yoga pose.
  • anxiously awaiting for the next time a specific pose is taught in class.
  • feeling overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by the pace of group Yoga classes.
  • waiting to do Yoga for YOUR body when YOU want!