Embark on Your Yoga Journey: Yoga Teacher Training in India and New Zealand

Welcome to Prema Heart of Yoga, your gateway to transformative yoga experiences. Explore our comprehensive yoga teacher training programs in India and New Zealand, designed to deepen your practice and elevate your teaching skills.

Yoga Training and Retreats At Prema, we offer:

  • Yoga teacher training India that immerses you in traditional practices and teachings.
  • Yoga teacher training New Zealand for those seeking local training with global perspectives.
  • Yoga retreats New Zealand and Yoga retreats India that provide rejuvenating experiences amidst serene landscapes.
  • Certified yoga courses and Advanced yoga training to enhance your expertise.

Workshops and Classes Join our:

  • Yoga workshops NZ focused on specialized topics and techniques.
  • Yoga workshops Waiheke for local residents and visitors seeking immersive learning experiences.
  • Yoga classes Waiheke Island that cater to all levels of practitioners.
  • Yoga training programs designed to meet diverse learning needs.

Specialized Yoga Practices Explore:

  • Restorative yoga and Therapeutic yoga sessions for healing and relaxation.
  • Meditation classes Waiheke to cultivate mindfulness and inner peace.
  • Mindfulness retreats NZ that offer holistic wellness experiences.

Discover our serene:

  • Waiheke yoga studio nestled in the heart of nature.
  • Best yoga classes Waiheke that combine tradition with innovation.
  • Yoga retreats in Waiheke for a transformative getaway.
  • Yoga teacher training near Auckland accessible for city residents.

Whether you're beginning your yoga journey or advancing your practice, Prema Heart of Yoga invites you to explore our offerings. Visit our website to learn more about our upcoming programs and retreats. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and wellness with Prema.

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