Yoga Teacher Training On Waiheke

Everything you need to know about Yoga teacher training on Waiheke

Question and answer with Premaloka, from Prema Heart Yoga and Ritual.

Premaloka has taught yoga for 30+ years.


What style of Yoga do you teach?

We teach a fusion of authentic, traditional styles that are heavily influenced by Satyananda and Sivananda Yoga. Essentially, this is Hatha Yoga, which is very much centred around heart and consciousness expansion and honours the birthplace of Yoga – India.

“Yoga is ancient, I think sometimes we forget and think we have discovered something new.” Godavari (Prem’s aunt) 

What is your background as a teacher and trainer?

I have practiced and taught Yoga and Yoga therapy for 30-plus years and I’m the founder of Prema Heart Yoga.

I have lived Yoga since childhood. My family history is rich in Yoga, with my parents and paternal aunt being my first teachers.

My qualifications include an E-RYT 500 and Yacep, with Yoga Alliance (an association representing the international Yoga community and fostering quality practice standards and codes of conduct and ethics). I’m currently repeating my Yoga Therapy training (800hrs) with Paramanand Yoga in India so that I can gain international accreditation with the international body of yoga therapists.

Why become a Yoga teacher?

Our Yoga Waiheke teacher training will unquestionably have a deep, positive impact on your life. Becoming a Yoga teacher is a continuous journey towards spiritual fulfilment, self-empowerment and evolution in your practice. By embracing the qualities of patience, equanimity, happiness and gratitude, and by resting in peace with consciousness, one begins the journey of a yogi.

“To harmonise thought, word and deed is the first principle of Yoga.’”
– Swami Venkatesananda


What will I learn in the Yoga teacher training?

Our Yoga teacher training on Waiheke is one of the most comprehensive courses available. We offer a traditional look into the world of Yoga and highlight the richness of Yoga as a lifestyle. We believe in the benefits of this ancient science, so embrace all of these aspects within our training. As well as all main asanas, you will cover pranayama, meditation, mudra, mantra, shatkarmas, philosophy and more.

How do I know if Yoga teacher training is right for me?

If you long for traditional, ancient and sacred teachings of Yoga, this teacher training is for you. Prerequisites include:

  • A solid background in Yoga and practising for a minimum of two years (preferably more)
  • Have a sadhana (daily at-home practice)
  • Have an understanding of the style of Yoga we teach and the term ‘yoga as a lifestyle’
  • Have attended some of our classes (book through Prema Heart Yoga).

What qualifications will I earn once I complete the training?
You will be a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 hours with the Yoga Alliance. Once your training is complete, we will offer opportunities to teach in our Yoga studio at Ritual, and to assist on training and retreats. We have a strong mentoring programme during and after training and offer opportunities for upskilling and support through a Facebook group to help develop your teaching journey.

Where is the Yoga teacher training based?

We are on one of the most beautiful islands in the world – Waiheke Island in Auckland, New Zealand. We also offer a 200-hour programme supported by Yoga Masters in Kerala, Southern India, the home of Yoga. Our next training in India will be held in September 2022 (Covid allowing).


Accommodation is available on Waiheke Island.


How can I get to Waiheke? Is there accommodation for Yoga teacher training?
Waiheke is a 35-minute ferry ride from Auckland’s CBD. You can commute here daily or if you prefer to stay on the island, we can offer affordable accommodation, sometimes for as little as $40 per night. The accommodation is simple, in keeping with the ashram-style training we offer. The facility is overlooking Palm Beach and is close to a bus stop, cafe and shop.

When do the next training modules start?
October 25 – November 1,  2021:  7 nights
December 3 – 10, 2021: 7 nights
February 11 – 18, 2021: 7 nights

How long does the entire training take?
We offer three ways to complete your Registered Yoga Teacher training (RYT) 200 hours:

  1. 3 x modules over 3.5 months
  2. Intensive training – 28 days
  3. 8 x months with 1-weekend a month and an online component

What are the costs?
The early-bird teacher training price is $3700 and the standard rate is $4150. You can speak to us about a payment plan. Please note that costs for travel accommodation and food are additional.

See our Vegetarian & vegan food menu 

Delicious & nutritious food from Ritual Cafe.


You are welcome to self-cater or take advantage of the beautiful vegan and vegetarian food from the Ritual Cafe at our Ritual Yoga Studio. We can provide two meals a day for an extra cost.

Most importantly, at Prema Heart Yoga we know that we are all one; that all our hearts beat to the same drum. We love everyone and treat every being with kindness, compassion, honesty and equity and  honour you for choosing this training. Welcome to our community!

Hari aum

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