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Yoga Therapy - Laughter Pranayama Workshop, Bhakti Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Yoga Therapy - Laughter Pranayama Workshop, Bhakti Yoga and Yoga Nidra

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We are stoked to be back with this incredible workshop!
Join Yoga Therapist Ma Premaloka Anand to explore the powerful and therapeutic benefits of Laughter Pranayama, Bhakti Yoga (chanting) and Yoga Nidra.
This is an ancient practice passed down to Ma Prema from her teacher in India and is taught in the traditional way.
When practiced correctly this pranayama heals deeply, releasing fear, anger, sadness and many more emotions that are stored in our bellies that cause imbalance within us.
This is preceded by Bhakti Yoga to open the heart and prepare for the therapy and then followed by traditional Yoga Nidra to allow the healing to be complete and all that is released processed.

Have no doubt in the power of this process, we had amazing feedback from our last session, where months later the benefits are still being felt.

Zoom option is available!

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Yoga with Premaloka, for me, is a deeply moving spiritual practice that has and continues to add so much value to my life. I attended the 5 day Reset, Revitalise, Manifest retreat in January. It was a phenomenal, shifting, strengthening, calming and extremely positive experience, one that is quite hard to describe.