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By buying one of these mats, not only will you benefit from their therapeutic qualities, you will be helping local artisans and providing them and their families with a better standard of living. Our partners in India are working hard to ensure that these artisans are provided with much fairer wages and working on schemes for healthcare and education.

While on a family sabbatical In Pondicherry, Southern India, I was introduced to a completely different style of yoga mat. Stepping Back in time to when my parents practised on cotton yoga mats, before plastic mats existed, I was reminded of how a yoga mat should feel and be made. Here was a mat that gave the physical body an entirely different experience.

Encouraging the practitioner to stay very conscious, feel into the body and grow stronger, in a way that a rubber mat can not achieve. Focus and concentration are heightened as you work in a different way to keep, connected, stable and balanced. These beautiful, consciously made mats will add purity and healing to your practise that no other mat can add. The aroma given off from the mats, from the dyes and and the grasses woven through, them will add another enriching and calming dimension to your practise.

Then of course there are the added health benefits from practicing on natural and non toxic materials. These mats turn your at home practice into a sacred ritual, light a candle and unroll one of these ethical works of art.

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