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Prema Cotton Yoga Bolster

Prema Cotton Yoga Bolster

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Looking for a yoga bolster that's as versatile as it is comfortable? Look no further than the Prema Prakriti Yoga Bolster!

Crafted with both yoga practice and personal use in mind, this bolster provides unparalleled support and comfort to take your practice to the next level. Whether you're rolling, twisting, or holding a pose, this bolster is designed to effortlessly return to its original shape - so you can focus on your practice, not your props.

But that's not all - the Prakriti Yoga Bolster is also incredibly durable and long-lasting, yet lightweight and soft for maximum comfort. Its innovative design promotes relaxation and aids in opening the body, while also helping to soften postures and enhance your overall practice.

And if you're worried about allergies or dust mites, fear not - these bolsters are hypoallergenic and feature antimicrobial properties to keep your practice space clean and fresh.

So whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting out, the Prema Prakriti Yoga Bolster is the perfect addition to your practice. Enhance your comfort, deepen your relaxation, and take your practice to new heights with this innovative and versatile prop.

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